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Fine T. Groups was founded by Andy Obinna in 2002. We started off as the sole distributor of Sio juice in Nigeria. The company expanded its operation to manufacture brand new motor spare parts in Europe in 2004 with our Fine T. brand name, exporting and selling at our warehouse located at Aspamda Trade Fair Complex, Lagos, Nigeria. In 2010 the company started exporting Mac tractor trucks and cars from the United States to Nigeria and started its own truck transport business, stationed at Kirikiri Apapa, Lagos. The company is currently major wholesale dealer of American imported high quality eletronics, used Grade A laptops, hard drives, Apple iPads, cell phones and brand new generators, air conditioners, CCTV cameras, welding machines, etc. 

Fine T. Group is made up of companies located in Budapest, Hungary in the EU, Los Angeles, California in the USA, and Lagos, Nigeria. Today, the company is a major wholesale dealer of U.S. electronics and equipments like laptops, and cellphones and household equipments like generators and air-conditioners. We also import luxury and exoctic cars from the U.S. Our retail warehouse and showroom is located in Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos. 

Our core company values are centered around building good relationships and trust with our customers. We believe in delivering the highest quality goods from the U.S. for our customers. We pride ourselves in mainly dealing with sophisticated and original U.S. merchandise. We stand behind the quality of our merchandise. 

Please come and visit our showroom, or contact us for quotes via the chatroom or through the contact us page.

Meet the Founder
Andy Obinna

Chairman and CEO of Fine T. Groups

Meet the Team
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